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Java IDE for professionals

IntelliJ IDEA is an IDE (integrated development environment) primarily built for Java programming. It is a tool that programmers can use to write better code more efficiently. By automating a lot of the boilerplate code, easily applying and enforcing coding standards, integrating code completion, debugging and deployment plus many more features, it helps programmers write better code in less time.

Who do developers use IntelliJ IDEA?

IntelliJ IDEA contains a fully featured development environment so that Java programmers can quickly create new projects, develop, test and debug them and finally deploy them all from within IntelliJ IDEA. Java programmers may well know that writing code can become cumbersome when following standard naming conventions, so features like code completion save a huge amount of typing and framework specific assistance means you don't have to look up each library's classes and methods manually every time you want to use them. Debugging tools help track down the source of tricky bugs and full integration with several version control software means that developers have virtually all the tools they need in one place.


Having an IDE when programming Java (and other support languages) makes life much easier for the programmer, who can focus more time on developing their projects and less time spent on actually writing the code.


  • Plenty of features to make programming easier
  • Also supports programming languages other than Java


  • Very expensive product when several alternatives are free
  • Takes time for programmers to learn how to fully use it


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IntelliJ IDEA


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